Saturday, March 15, 2014


Fear is the number one thing people have. Come on we can all admit we have fears right? The question is how far will our fears take us? or  What fears will control us? Some people are scared of general things like spiders,snakes,heights, ect. , But what about the least common fears? Like the fear of water or anxiety. The fear of being alone. This is what i think of in my spare time. What are your thoughts on fears? -One Wish

Friday, March 14, 2014


Sometimes we just want to go back into the past where you think everything is easier. The past where fun and joy filled your soul. The time where everything was, well simple. Its not really possible to go ......yet.
So your just left with the memories of the past but if you could go back, just think you would have to relive everything all the pain sorrow or happiness and joy. Lets just stay where we are for now shall we? enjoy my new blog! - One Wish